Mission and Vision

The project's mission and vision are to turn University of Extremadura's Polytechnic School in a large experimental ecosystem, a living-lab for the design, implementation, integration and validation of systems capable of creating smart spaces by SmartX technologies development.


With the motto "a place that feels", Polytechnic aims to become an internationally acknowledged living-lab for intelligent technologies.



SmartPoliTech aims to generate a new image of the Centre as an international reference point in SmartX technologies and to provide stable funding for research through industrial contracts, agreements and RTD projects.


Sensing and automation of different areas of the center.
Each space should be aautomated based on its usage and each group of spaces should incorporate new elements to the system's intelligence.
All information collected by the sensor system will constitute the social and environmental digital heritage of the Polytechnic School.

Synergies will quickly produce a high technological potential in an emerging market with high growth rates.





 SmartPoliTech follows an incremental approach to these objectives, iterating through three phases: selection of sensors and actuators, predictive space modeling, and planning and control.


Polytechnic School in Cáceres has the ideal conditions for the implementation of this ambitious project.